Facebook pages are the main way to promote a local business. When you create a page, it acts like your normal profile in the fact you can update a status, add photos, like pages and  people, share and comment on other items.


The difference with a page is that you can allocate an administrator who can do all of the above. This would be Alix and allow her to control your page, whilst having no impact on your personal profile.

Twitter profiles work in a slightly different way as you need a specific login for each Twitter handle. Everything on Twitter has to be @something and you create a new account for each individual or company you wish to run.


After account creation Alix is able to use the web and login with your credentials, or use a mobile device to tweet pictures, offers and much more. Using a mobile device, you can add multiple accounts and switch between them, allowing easy access.

Instagram is a very similar social media platform to Twitter, but based around images and attracting people using pictures. You gain followers and follow other people like Twitter and it can be a great tool for showcasing your work. Using the example of the hairdresser we discussed on the SOCIAL MEDIA page, Instagram gives you the perfect platform post images of your latest hair creations to wow prospective customers.


The main difference with Instagram is that its run from a mobile device only.


We have chosen Sunrise as our choice of calendar sync as it works across multiple platforms giving us the ability to run your calendar no matter which device you own. Sunrise is a stand alone app that can be installed on IOS (Apple) or Android (Samsung, Nokia and many more), allowing you to keep your work calendar separate.

We create a brand new google account using your original email address and then sync the two. When an appointment is added, its pushed straight to your device without you doing a thing. You can use a web browser, tablet or phone to access your calendar.


Finance Admin will tend to be a more bespoke service depending on your requirements. We can tailor a service for you, whether that is raising invoices and sending them to the correct financial contact at your customer, or simply chasing overdue payments.


Get in touch today and we'll discuss what works for you.


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